Coconut Oil

We at Danae Organics use one of the greatest applications of coconut oil for your hair, whether it be to intensely moisturize and condition, to stimulate faster growth, detangle, defeat dandruff and more


Argan Oil

We use argan oil in our products it has been  extracted from the kernels of the argan tree which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E.


Mango Butter

Due to the fact mango butter is high in fatty acids we utilize it in our products in such a way that it makes for an intense moisturizer.


Black Seed

We utilize black seed oil in our products due to it's anti-inflammatory benefits it soothes scalps conditions that cause inflammation and flakiness. This little seed has so many benefits. 


Green Tea

Green tea not only is a great beverage but has an amazing effect on the hair.  We use apply it to our shampoo it has an antioxidant EGCG that stimulates hair growth.


Macadamenia oil

Is rich in fatty acids making it a great moisturizer. Making it a great moisturizer as well as adding a fabulous shine to your healthy hair.


Tea Tree Oil

Flakes and dry scalp are no match for tea tree oil  with its antiseptic/ antioxidants properties.